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Welcome to ART-TRA S.r.l. site

ART - TR s.r.l. is present in the transformer market since 1995.

ART - TRA is ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and over the years has gained various homologations including those for: ENEL DT 796 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 63 / 64, IREN Group, ENIA (municipal company of Parma) and AEMD (municipal company of Turin ).

The operations center is located in Carmignano, province of Prato, Via Guido Rossa no. 13/15/17. Our company has a covered structure of 6000 mqs and 5000 mqs external warehouse and is also independently powered by a photovoltaic system with an output of 150 kW.

To date, the production includes:

  • Three-phase transformers, insulated in mineral oil or safety fluids, with ratings up to 40 MVA, 130 kV voltages and currents of 55,000 A.
  • Air transformers for power ratings from 25 to 3150 kVA and voltages up to 24 kV.
  • Cast resin transformers for power ratings up to 10 MVA and voltages of 36 kV.
  • Current and voltage transformers for voltage ratings up to 36 kV.

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